Friday, 24 August 2012

♥ Jiwa Kosong...


Again I plunge into sadness
Knowing that I am all alone
I had tried to grip on happiness
But it would go, I had always known.

Sometimes I tell myself to search
Search the moments of joy hidden in some corner
Search the moments that I love so much
Little moments, little minutes, however minor.

I cling to my last pleasures
As nothing is permanent
Happy memories hurt me now to unknown measures
And I try hard to live in the present.

I feel everyone whom I love
Who are so close to me
Going further; further away they move
I can’t pull’em back; just let it be…

I feel lonely, deeply lonely
And suffocate in the vacuum all around
Everyone talks harshly, angrily
I weep to my bed and keep mum.

I feel I have become a recluse
A vexing realisation
My own self, I feel to lose
A hollow sensation.

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